THE WORSHIP TEAM – Responsible for the worship
a. organise music for weekend worship and special events
b. To provide music and worship resources to the rest of the church
c. To train and equip the choir

THE MEMBERSHIP TEAM - this team deal with fellowship
a. To care for the members
b. To organise class level 1 training for new members
c. To oversee all support groups – weeding, pastoral care, hospital visitation etc.
d. To operate counselling centre

MATURITY TEAM – This team deal with discipleship.
a. To organise training and spiritual developments for members on level 2 class
b. To organise midweek worship service
c. To organise bible studies
d. To organise house fellowship
e. To organise special church spiritual growth course
f. To organise bible study curriculum’s

MINISTRY TEAM – This team deal with the development of ministry
a. To turn members into minister
b. Helping members to discover how to use their gifts in the work of ministry
c. To  operate ministry development centre
d. To organise class 3 development course for members
e. To assist, train and supervise the lay minister of the church
f. To find a place of service for members where they can express his or her gifts and abilities

MISSION TEAM – This team are responsible for the purpose of evangelism
a. To target the unbelievers in the community for evangelism.
b. To plan, promote and oversee all church special events
c. To organise evangelistic activities programs
d. To organise evangelism training course class 4